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Upcoming showz and side projectz – 10/15/11, 4:04 pm

Yo foolz! So by now you already know about the special Halloween party show I'm playing for my first trip up to Rochester, NY, since my freshman year of college. I'm also excited to announce two more shows in the Philly area in early November. First, I'm joining Sonic Spank, my old MJ Project bandmates, at Silk City for a pretty exciting night that definitely promises an awesome variety of great, danceable music with machines. After that, I'm opening for Chicago's I Fight Dragons and the immeasurably epic Protomen at the North Star Bar. Great opportunities to see me play live in a pretty wacky range of settings, right??

If that wasn't enough, you may have seen me announce on Facebook recently that I've been asked to join Philly's awe-inspiring chip-rock-prog-pop supergroup Cheap Dinosaurs along with fellow new member Daniel Davis, aka an0va. I am super duper psyched about this and have been working my butt off learning these incredible songs. My first show with the band is Oct. 16 (sorry for the short notice, details here) but we're also playing next month's 8static on November 12 and more stuff in the works after that, so you'll have a chance to hear the new group soon enough. And don't forget to click on the band name above to learn more and read about our new release!

More Chipocrite news soon...

"Game of Thrones" cover posted on Geekadelphia – 08/26/11, 3:03 pm

In my last post, I hinted that there would be some extra geek-tastic news to post sometime soon... well, here it is. My friends at Geekadelphia have posted the cover of the "Game of Thrones" theme song I arranged for them a few weeks ago. It's a free download! They played it as the mega-epic opening and closing songs at the Philly Geek Awards last week, which I couldn't make, unfortunately, because I was in Chicago. I plan to not only attend next year's event, but also to provide some more music, and to CLEAN UP IN EVERY CATEGORY. Except actual cleaning up — I'll leave that to the fine janitorial staff at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Anyway, if you like Game of Thrones, and you like Game Boys, this incorporates both of them. Enjoy!

Direct download link here!

New show announcements coming soooooon... – 08/23/11, 2:02 pm

Things are rocking and rolling here at Chipocrite Headquarters. That is not an earthquake reference btw, it's a figure of speech.

So I wanted to apologize for not having any upcoming shows posted right at this very moment, but I assure you there will be some mega exciting events and projects to announce very, VERY soon. In the meantime, I wanted to thank everyone involved with Anime World Chicago, from the event staff to all the attendees to the other guests and musical acts. You all made this past weekend a fantastic experience! This was an excellent convention, especially for a first-year event -- you guys did it right, for sure. I'm hoping to post some videos/photos/whatever soon!! Stay tuned for all that.

One last note.. Congratulations to Nick Murphy and crew for winning a Philly Geek Award last weekend for their video contributions to the internet comedy canon! As you may recall, I provided some music for one of these award-winning vids. This one, to be specific :) More Geekadelphia-related news coming soon...

Anime World Chicago is next weekend! – 08/11/11, 10:10 pm

Hey friends! First, I just wanted to say many, many, many thanks to everyone in Brooklyn and Baltimore for making last weekend a phenomenal one for me. Great shows in both cities, and great things to come from both CNB Spectrum and Byte Nyte!

Next, I wanted to highlight my appearance at Anime World Chicago next weekend! I'll be performing in the "main programming" Grand Ballroom on Saturday night, starting at 10pm. Additionally, I'll be presenting a panel on how to make your own awesomely catchy Game Boy music on Friday at 4pm in the Panel 2 room. If you're in the area, you should check it out! Visit that site for more information on the convention -- the schedule is JAM-PACKED with tons of fun events. It will be worth it! (Pro tip: When I'm not playing, you'll probably be able to find me in the arcade room...)

Finally, if you like my stuff, check out this awesome upcoming chip music event in Philly. Kris Keyser, exilefaker, Note! and Batsly Adams... DAMN. These are seriously three of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite visualists... You'd be making a big mistake if you're in Philly and you miss this!

Otakon this weekend, NY and back to Baltimore next! – 07/28/11, 9:09 pm

Real quick, just wanted to let all you anime fans know that I'll be hanging out at Otakon in Baltimore this weekend, spending most of my time at the Mad Gear booth in the vendors area. Will I be playing surprise mini-sets all weekend? Better stop by several times to find out!

And just so there's something else to look forward to, I'm also playing CNB: Spectrum on Thursday the 4th in Brooklyn, and then quickly heading back to Baltimore on Saturday the 6th for Byte Nyte. OH LOOK A COOL POSTER:

July 8-9: Philly gets 'crited – 06/24/11, 1:01 pm

Just a quick update to officially announce that, yes, I will be playing July's 8static along with superstars Dain Saint, gwEm and Batsly Adams, on Saturday the 9th. This is in addition to playing the night before at the Philly Japan Arts Matsuri. I hereby swear and promise to construct and execute very, very different sets each night with a minimal (one or two, if even THAT) amount of repeated songs. Plus, they are in very different venues and will be really different experiences.. So don't miss either! THANKS!

And don't forget to check out the post below for some incredible links demonstrating what's been up over the past few weeks. THANKS AGAIN!

More shows posted, and link-o-rama! - UPDATED!! – 06/17/11, 11:11 am

As you can see in the right column there, I've just added a few more upcoming events over the next few months. I'm incredibly psyched to be playing the Philadelphia Japan Arts Matsuri chip concert as part of an incredible lineup that also includes my good friends Data Parade, DJ Cutman, Ro-Bear and Chromacle. It's shaping up to be a great, fun event with a packed schedule — and best of all, it's a fundraiser for Japan relief, so it's all for a good cause. Further down the line, I'm looking forward to Anime World Chicago in August. Should have some more details about what I'll be doing then and when, so stay tuned, Chicago!

While we're on the subject of linking things, here are some others you might find fun and/or entertaining, including footage from AnimeNext last week, which featured, far and away, one of the most positive and energetic audiences in the WORLD, EVER!!! Special thanks to everyone who made it a great time for all involved.

UPDATE - Sweet AnimeNEXT recap with a cool video of people gettin' down during my set!

Awesome AnimeNext audience!

More AnimeNext footage

"Hotel California" footage from Lebowski Fest

"I Quit" video by Workers of the East (still amazing)

My "Bizarre Love Triangle" cover (still fun!)

AnimeNEXT is this weekend! – 06/09/11, 6:06 pm

What an exciting past few days it has been for me in Chipocriteland!

First, I dunno about you guys, but I still can't get enough of this incredible video by Workers of the East. If you haven't checked it out already, you are missing out on some seriously outstanding stuff!

That aside, this weekend I'm participating in an awesome event for anime/video game/music fans in Somerset, New Jersey. I'll be taking the stage not once, not twice but THRICE at AnimeNEXT. I'm giving two presentations (an introduction to chip music and LSDJ workshop) and a full length concert. So if you're in the area and you're really interested in learning how I do what I do, be sure to be there Saturday, June 11 at 8 pm in the Events C room, and/or Sunday, June 12 at 10 am in that same room. If you'll be there and you just feel like rocking out, go to Panel 1 room at 10 pm that same Saturday night for a full Chipocrite live set. You might have some fun. You might learn something. You might learn something AND have some fun. I like those odds.

And finally, I just want to say that Lebowski Fest was a super ridiculous great time. Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the show — the positive reaction was far beyond anything I could have hoped for or expected. Special thanks also to Batsly Adams for his mind-bogglingly awesome visuals to go along with the music. People absolutely loved it. Don't believe me? Check out this short clip to see the singalong in action :) More videos here — check out the related vids on the side. And oh yeah, if you're wondering, there may be a little Lebowski on the way soon.. by which I mean recordings of the songs.. stay tuned.

"I Quit" live performance video and Lebowskinterview – 05/31/11, 11:11 pm

Lots of news in the past few days! First, check out this ridiculously amazing live performance video of me playing "I Quit" from my show at PhilaMOCA a few weeks ago. Super awesome special thanks and shout-out to Workers of the East for this incredible clip! I am endlessly impressed with the filming, editing, lighting... Basically, everything they did makes me look cooler than I actually am in real life:

In other news, Lebowski Fest Philadelphia is this Friday, June 3. I've been busting my musical butt arranging songs from the soundtrack for Game Boy — 100% electronic! Tickets are still available here. And if you want to learn more, there's a great interview with me over at Geekadelphia! Doing our city proud!! See you at the show!!

By the way, my "Bizarre Love Triangle" cover is still available! (click here to download)

Philly Tech Week, TooManyGames, LEBOWSKI FEST!!! – 04/15/11, 11:11 am

Sorry to keep you high and dry with the news updates here, but I wanted to keep that "Bizarre Love Triangle" cover (click here to download) relatively close to the top of the news section while it was still hotttttt. See what I did there though? It's still near the top. You can still download it. Hooray!

I'll be appearing LIVE IN PERSON at several upcoming events. And they're all quite interesting and unique, if I might say so. Details for all of them are in the right column there, but here's a little more insight...

Most soonestly, I'll be playing on Thursday, April 28, at PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia with an0va, Cheap Dinosaurs and VBLANK at an extra-special chip music showcase presented by 8static and part of Philly Tech week!! It's going to be an amazing show, so be there! To RSVP for the discounted price — $5 instead of $8 at the door — visit http://bit.ly/hZHYi3.

After that, I'm returning to TooManyGames, the East Coast's longest-running classic video game expo. There's too many awesome details about this excellent event to list here, so visit their site to learn more about tickets, etc. I'm playing the afternoon of Sunday, May 8!

And finally, if you haven't heard, I am providing the pre-movie entertainment for this...

Lebowski Fest Philadelphia

That's right, it's Lebowski Fest Philadelphia on Friday, June 3!!!! I can't wait to be a part of something connected to what is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies of all time, so I've been working extra hard, arranging several songs from the soundtrack for Game Boy for this super-special show. Trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS if you can get there. Ticket details and such available here.

I think that's enough news for now. Thanks to everyone for the surge in support over the past few months. You are the best. Around. Nothing's ever gonna keep you down.

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