Coping Coach Soundtrack

Here are a few videos that showcase my soundtrack in context for Coping Coach. I provided the music for this interactive, therapeutic game for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which uses it to help children who have recently suffered a traumatic experience.


In this first video, you can hear a variation on my song "Divemaster." This peaceful, calming track was designed to make the user feel comfortable within the game's universe right away.



This second clip includes a few different pieces. First, you'll hear original theme music that I wrote for General Malaise, the game's villain. Next, you'll hear a peppy version of "FBI" (a song I've played frequently at live shows) to accompany the main character as he or she walks around town. The third song is another calming but fun original tune designed to provide a little background atmosphere when the main character enters the Face-O-Matic Laboratory.



This third video features the celebratory, upbeat version of General Malaise's theme, which plays once the main character has befriended him.


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