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I'm always looking for new and exciting music-related projects. Whether you want someone to perform at your convention or event, provide tunes for your movie, compose and arrange a fresh soundtrack for your game, or whatever musical mayhem you can come up with, contact me and give me an idea of the scope of your needs. We'll work out a plan from there! In the meantime, here's a sampling of some of the things I've been involved with over the past several years.

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Special Performances/Appearances
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As Chipocrite:
Wordplay, released December 19, 2014 - Full-length album featuring 11 original songs
3P, released June 4, 2014 - Digital EP featuring three original songs
8-Bit Lebowski: 100% Electronic, released March 6, 2013 – EP featuring six Game Boy arrangements of songs from the film "The Big Lebowski"
Hit and Run, released December 2010 – CD featuring six original songs
Hit and Run: Cheese 'n Beer Special Edition, released January 2011 – special online-only version featuring two bonus tracks
8static: Philly Chip Vol. 1 – original track "You're Fired" featured on compilation
I/O Chip Music Compilation Vol. 1 - Remix of Da Pantz's"Triborough Bridge" featured on compilation
Rochester Chip: The First Year - original track "Beat Reporter" (live) featured on compilation
FZ: Side Z (FEZ remix album) - Remix of Disasterpeace's "Adventure" featured on compilation
Full Speed Ahead by Eien Strife - Remix of Eien Strife's "Visions of Clarity" featured on album
MAGFest = WIN - Remix of "Free High Fives (To the Face)" featured on compilation
Weekly Treats 2015 - original track "Special Win" featured as part of weekly release project

Other projects:
Autoscroll by autoscroll - electric bass on "Beatnik on the Ship - Streets of Rage," "Holidays - Obelix," "Splash Woman - Mega Man 9" and "Entrance - Mortal Kombat"
Drama by Sonic Spank - electric bass on "Butterflies," "Interlude," and "It's You, Not Me" parts I and II
Triangle Trash by Cheap Dinosaurs - electric bass on all tracks
The Blurry Nights EP by The Blurry Nights - Game Boy backing for "Beekeeper"

Video Game Soundtrack Work

Cleaversoft, Earthnight (formerly known as Dragon Runner) – Composing and producing soundtrack, including original songs and sound effects (coming soon) — watch the trailer here

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Center for Autism Research – Produced 10 individual songs for Flash-based video games designed to help children with autism recognize faces and emotions — Watch and listen to sample clips here and here

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Center for Injury Research & Prevention, Coping Coach – Provided soundtrack for Flash-based therapeutic game designed to help children who have suffered a traumatic experience — See clips and learn more here

Faux Robo, Pixel Lincoln – Composed and produced soundtrack, including about 30 original short songs and about 35 individual sound effects, for platform game (coming soon)

Cleaversoft, Beard Wars – Composed and produced soundtrack, including six songs and several sound effects, for iPhone app — Now available here

Cleaversoft, UI Battle – Composed and produced background theme for iPhone game — Now available hereClick here for a video review with music

Soundtrack/Remix Work

GameStop/ReelFX - Composed and edited original song used in nationally televised commercial for leading videogame store — Click here to watch

The Legend of Zelda (1987) Trailer, "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order cover) – Arranged and produced Game Boy-based cover of popular '80s hit for viral video

93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve – Original songs used as background music for several online videos produced by popular local morning radio show

Geekadelphia Podcast - Composed title and ending themes

Continue? Online video series – Original songs used as background music

Underbelly Online video series – Original songs used as background music TV commercial – Provided 30-second song clip synchronized with animated video for local business's television spot

The World Exists podcast - Provided intro and outro theme music for storytelling podcast

Armless Octocast podcast – Provided intro and outro theme music for video game podcast

Disasterpeace, "Adventure" remix - Arranged remix of song from FEZ soundtrack

Da Pantz, "Triborough Bridge" remix - Arranged remix of chiptune song

Eien Strife, "Visions of Clarity" remix – Arranged and produced Game Boy remix for Virginia-based band


Nominated - Game Music Online Annual Game Music Awards 2014, Best Album - Chiptune for 3P

Co-winner - Featured Artist of the Month, The Deli Philadelphia, December 2011

Winner - Best Album - Chiptune for Hit and Run, Square Enix Music Online's Annual Game Music Awards 2011

Featured - The Nerdy Dozen: 12 Must-Hear Songs of 2011 for "Bizarre Love Triangle"

Third place - Best of Philly Fans' Poll, The Deli Philadelphia, 2011

Special Performances/Appearances

Vans Warped Tour, stage, July 13, 2012 - Live concert performance

New Jersey Student Music Technology Expo, May 2013 and May 2014 - Hosted presentation/performance showcasing chip music for 250 students grades 6-12 during third annual music-technology conference held at Rowan University

East Brunswick High School, February 2013 - Hosted presentations about chip music for three Humanities classes at high school in Northern New Jersey

Anime USA Convention, November 10, 2012 - Hosted panel presentation demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys; live concert performance

"On The Verge" Web show, Episode 008, August, 2012 - Musical guest

Blip Festival 2012 NYC, May 25, 2012 - Live concert performance

MAGFest 12, January 3, 2014 - Live concert performance

MAGFest X, January 5-8, 2012 - Live concert performance

AnimeNEXT Convention, June 6-7, 2011, June 9-10, 2012, June 8, 2013, and June 6-8, 2014 – Hosted panel presentations demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys; live concert performances at each event

Animeworld Chicago, August 18-19, 2011 – Hosted panel presentation demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys; live concert performance

MangaNEXT Convention, February 24-26, 2012 – Hosted two panel presentations demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys; live concert performance

RVACON, September 28, 2013 – Hosted panel presentation demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys; live concert performance

ROFCON, February 28, 2014 – Hosted panel presentation demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys; live concert performance

Philly Tech Week, April 28, 2011 – Booked and performed at show as part of city-wide event celebrating local technology community; hosted pre-show presentation demonstrating how to make music using Game Boys

Pulsewave at The Tank, NYC, October 2010 – Arranged and performed Prince covers on Game Boy for Halloween-themed show

Lebowski Fest at the Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, June 2011 and Lebowski Fest at The Gramercy Theater, April 2013 – Arranged and performed covers from The Big Lebowski soundtrack on Game Boy for fan convention

Geekadelphia Awards, Philadelphia, August 2011 – Arranged a version of the Game of Thrones theme music for awards show introduction

Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency #138 (Associate Artist), June-July, 2010 – Three-week music composition/development program at arts community located near Daytona Beach, Florida; worked with Master Artist Joshua Davis, a.k.a. Bit Shifter

Other Music Projects

Cheap Dinosaurs, bass, September 2011-present –
Autoscroll, bass, September 2011-present -
MJ Project, bass, former member –

Interviews/Online Articles

Podcasts/Video Interviews/Radio Appearances (mentioned in feature about Cheap Dinosaurs) (music featured in radio interview about Philly Science Festival)


Show Promotion/Production

Tom Tom Founders Festival 2013 - Served as Production Coordinator for six events during weekend-long music/art/innovation festival in Charlottesville, VA. Events produced included concerts, debates, TED Talk-style presentations, and pitch competitions

Blip Festival 2012 NYC - Served as artist liaison, managing communications with more than 30 international musicians and visual artists; collected and organized technical requirements, bio and photo materials; filtered and answered artist questions; created individual WordPress-based Web pages for artists; helped organize travel and accommodation details; assisted with daytime events

8static – Served as treasurer for monthly chip music concert in Philadelphia; promote, help organize, plan and run events

Third Generation – Founded, booked, promoted and produced semi-regular chip concert series at PhilaMOCA art gallery in Philadelphia

Software Experience

Little Sound DJ Game Boy music sequencer/tracker
Nanoloop Game Boy music sequencer
Pro Tools digital audio workstation
Reason music production software and virtual instruments rack
Cubase digital audio workstation
LittleGPTracker sample-based music sequencer

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