For, I dunno, the past two years or so, I've been talking about the new album I've been working on. I had always envisioned it to be a full-length, full-"band" effort, with additional instruments on top of the Game Boy sounds you all know from my existing recorded material. "3P" featured a little bit of extra instrumentation, but it was still all basically done at home on a small scale. And you've probably seen me play some guitar live over the past few years, but you could never enjoy it at home, save a few shaky Youtube videos.

All that is going to change with my new album, "Wordplay." And I'm thrilled to announce that it will be available, in all of its guitar-drenched, drum-soaked, 11-track glory, on Dec. 19, 2014, complete with a CD Release Party show in Philly that very night!!

More than a year in the making, "Wordplay" (which will be available for the first time at the show and digitally the same day) is a sonic evolution for me. Guitars, drums, bass and more blend seamlessly with rich 8-bit sounds to create a genre-defying, truly unique musical experience. And now, you can have it at home!!

I gotta give supreme mad props to several people who made "Wordplay" possible: Dino Lionetti, for his tireless and obsessive recording, production, and editing skills; Josh Steingard, for his absolutely mind-blowing drumming; Chris Burke, for his masterful mastering; braverbeast, for her unreal album art; Rich Siegel, for his incredible support; and so many more others to be named later.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be releasing more information about the album — track listing, preview clips, full song(s?), more(?!). But first, mark your calendars for Friday, Dec. 19, and come to the "Wordplay" release show in the Black Box at Underground Arts in Philly. In addition to planning a full set with my stellar drummer, Josh Steingard, myself, I've come up with a bill that is, in some ways, a dream come true for me. First, an0va will be coming back up to Philly to kick off the night with a special Game Boy-only, dance-centric set! Next, Chronicles of Sound will take the stage with their special blend of live jamming, electronica and video-game-inspired musical mastery. After that, my really amazing and awesome old friends and former MJ Project bandmates The Blurry Nights will perform their own unique, danceable grunge-tronica tunes. Check out their Soundcloud to hear some of their great songs, including "Beekeeper," for which I provided original Game Boy parts.

So yeah, seriously killer lineup, huh?? I'm truly and honestly honored to be joined by all of these guys, some of my closest musical friends, who will be performing a variety of styles at the show. Great music, great musicians and a great special occasion — it's an event you won't want to miss! More album details soon...

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