Wordplay release flier

The hype continues to build!! I'm super stoked to reveal the 11-track listing for "Wordplay," which, if you haven't already heard, is out DEC. 19, complete with a release show party!!

As you look over this list, you might recognize some/all of these tracks from my live sets over the past few years. Yes! Accurate. And much of this stuff was meant to be played and enjoyed in a live context, with or without additional instrumentation. You might also recognize two songs from earlier releases. ("Truce" and "Little Computer People" both appear on "3P," and a verrrrry early, very old version of "Monkey Torture" was once available on my *shudder* Myspace page.) But with this album, you'll finally get the definitive studio recordings, with extra instrumentation and a specific flow that I've designed in an attempt to make this more than just a collection of a few instrumental songs. Anyway, here are the tracks!


1. Truce
2. Civic Duty
3. Little Computer People
4. Henceforth
5. Beat Reporter
6. Isosceles
7. Precision-Built Death Trap
8. Chrononaut
9. Monkey Torture
10. Truce Reprise
11. Wordplay

SUCH EXCITE. Stay tuned for additional details. In the meantime, don't forget to RSVP for the show!! DEC. 19 @ UNDERGROUND ARTS IN PHILLY CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!

Also, read more about the album here.

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