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Upcoming things all over the place – 08/26/16, 11:11 am

Hey friends! It's been a while since I posted on this old guy here, but I have plennnty of interesting, exciting events coming up over the next few weeks, so I figured it was time to update...

First, I'll be talking/performing at a really neat First Friday event at Philly's own Chemical Heritage Foundation, which is spotlighting chiptune in September! Join me and Lisa Klarr, an expert on obsolete technology and its place in the modern world, on Friday, Sept. 2, as we share our thoughts on the concept of using old game systems as new instruments. The event is FREE and it goes from 5-8 p.m. at 315 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. More info here!

Next, on Wednesday, Sept. 21, I'm participating in another really cool musical tribute night. This time, the show is celebrating one of my absolute favorite bands of all time, Nirvana, and their seminal album "Nevermind." So "come as you are" and join me and several other amazing local acts as we play through this classic, song by song, each in our unique style. (And here's a hint for you: Think beyond just the standard album tracklisting...) The show is at Ortlieb's, 847 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, starts at 8 p.m. and is $10. More info here!

Thirdly, join me in Darlington, MD, for Luna Light Music and Arts Festival on Sunday, Oct. 16. Schedule details and such TBA, but suffice to say I'm very excited to be performing chip music at this really cool fest! It's a very fun lineup that spans a wide range of genres, so it should be a great experience. (I'll also be playing a non-chiptune set with my old band, MJ Project, during the VIP jazz brunch, so check that out too!) Visit the festival website for more details.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the Chiptune Crash Course online classes I've been working on with my friends at Soundfly. These FREE(!!!) courses are a great way to get started making your own music with old video game hardware! Other than that, I've got the standard EarthNight goings-ons and various other things. More as those things develop. For now, check out these rad upcoming events, and if you see me around, stop by and say hi!

2015 wrap-up, and HOORAY 2016! – 01/11/16, 6:06 pm


Well, it has been a DAMN long time since I posted any updates here. I apologize sincerely for that — it wasn't for a lack of anything going on though. And as much fun as it is to hype up future plans (and there are many, oh yes, there are) it's always great to look back on some fun things from the past. So here are a few things I didn't post about in 2015 but thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed:

  • • IndieCade East and West (Feb. and Oct.) — Fantastic opportunities to watch people play "EarthNight" and spread the good word about the game.
  • • AnimeNEXT (June), A Video Game Con (Sept.), RetroGameCon (Nov.) — Incredible convention gigs with super awesome audiences and fine folks behind the scenes.
  • • Releasing "Wordplay" on vinyl (Sept.) — Beautiful sound to hear (amazing remaster specifically for the medium), beautiful sight to see (purple-black splatter transparent gorgeousness!!!). Get it in the Store!
  • • 8static Festival 2015 and Halloween shows (Oct.) — Fun times in Philly. Will this be the last you'll hear of Billy Mitchellpocrite? DOUBTFUL.
  • • Playstation Experience 2015 (Dec.) — The perfect way to finish out the year. Had a blast playing guitar along with several "EarthNight" runs and creating a live soundtrack. I'm sure this will happen again, so keep an eye out for us at events this year..!

I'm sure I left something out. There were tons of other shows, songs, collaborations, practices, etc. etc. etc.... Everything was awesome.

Looking ahead? Not much booked right now other than the 2016 4th Annual Winter Doldrums Benefit Concert on Feb. 6th, but there will be more! For now, I'm focusing on finishing soundtrack projects and getting new music done for the various things in which I'm involved.

This is going to be a good year, I can tell. Enjoy it. Stay tuned for more.

WORDPLAY IS OUT!!!!!! GET IT!!! GET IT NOW!! – 12/22/14, 2:02 pm

I'm at a bit of a loss for words here. My first full-length album, "Wordplay," is finally out and available for you to hear. I've already posted quite a bit about it so I'm not going to go on and on and on too much in this post, but again, I just want you all to know how proud I am of this release and how much I just want everyone to take a listen. So just for good measure, I've made it available in a variety of places! You choose your poison — it doesn't matter to me how you hear it :)

Stream and purchase digital album or CD on Bandcamp

Buy the CD directly from me using Paypal

Listen on Spotify

Stream on Soundcloud

Purchase on iTunes

Many, many thanks again to everyone who made this possible. And also, many, many more thanks to everyone who helped make the CD release show last week a HUGE SMASHING AWESOME SUCCESS! I had a great time and was very pleased to see so many smiling faces. As I've said before, your support and enjoyment is what keeps me going. Here's a great pic from the show, courtesy of my friend Jess Cosca:

Just look at those goofy guys. We were having a blast, but more importantly, so was the crowd!

So yeah, "Wordplay." It's here. Take a listen and tell your friends. Happy Holidays!!

Wordplay album art and pre-order! – 12/17/14, 11:11 am

The exciting news just keeps on coming! "Wordplay" CDs are in, and they look FAN TAS TIC. The album art was masterfully executed by Philly's own braverbeast, who has been making equally awesome promo art and such for several of my friends in the area for some time now. Simply put, she's great. Just check it out:

Wordplay CD cover

Wordplay CD back

Wordplay CD inside

Wordplay CD spine

And hey, what's this, you can pre-order the album RIGHT NOW on Bandcamp! Order today and download "Little Computer People" immediately. Or, be among the first to have the actual, real, physical CD (which I will be mailing out starting early next week).

ALSO, if you see this message before 10pm on Wednesday, Dec. 17, tune in to DJ Cutman's This Week In Chiptune to hear me talk about the album and debut a few tracks. It's your first chance to hear this stuff, and I can't wait!

And again, don't forget to RSVP for the album release show!! DEC. 19 @ UNDERGROUND ARTS IN PHILLY!! An awesome solo Game Boy set from an0va; spectacular jammed-out VGM tunes from Chronicles of Sound; rockin' grungy electro jams from The Blurry Nights; and even a super rare reunion of my old band, MJ Project. Why, WHY, WHYYYY would you miss this?

Also, read more about the album here, see the full track listing here, and check out the official "Little Computer People" video here.

Official "Little Computer People" video out today! – 12/04/14, 5:05 pm

I'm so excited and honored to present the official video for "Little Computer People" today! From the brilliant mind of animator and director Zach Cohen (who is also doing the animation for EarthNight), the video is an incredible cartoon romp through the wacky world of Powaman, an arcade-addicted, questionably super superhero. And even though you might think you recognize the song from my "3P" release earlier this year, think again! This never-before-released full-band version is the first official track release from "Wordplay," which — DON'T FORGET!! — is out Dec. 19. Check it out!

And hey, if you just want to hear and share the audio, you can also stream the song on Soundcloud!

Don't forget to RSVP for the album release show!! DEC. 19 @ UNDERGROUND ARTS IN PHILLY STILL CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!

Also, read more about the album here and see the full track listing here.

"Wordplay" Track list! And don't forget about release show 12/19! – 11/19/14, 3:03 pm

Wordplay release flier

The hype continues to build!! I'm super stoked to reveal the 11-track listing for "Wordplay," which, if you haven't already heard, is out DEC. 19, complete with a release show party!!

As you look over this list, you might recognize some/all of these tracks from my live sets over the past few years. Yes! Accurate. And much of this stuff was meant to be played and enjoyed in a live context, with or without additional instrumentation. You might also recognize two songs from earlier releases. ("Truce" and "Little Computer People" both appear on "3P," and a verrrrry early, very old version of "Monkey Torture" was once available on my *shudder* Myspace page.) But with this album, you'll finally get the definitive studio recordings, with extra instrumentation and a specific flow that I've designed in an attempt to make this more than just a collection of a few instrumental songs. Anyway, here are the tracks!


1. Truce
2. Civic Duty
3. Little Computer People
4. Henceforth
5. Beat Reporter
6. Isosceles
7. Precision-Built Death Trap
8. Chrononaut
9. Monkey Torture
10. Truce Reprise
11. Wordplay

SUCH EXCITE. Stay tuned for additional details. In the meantime, don't forget to RSVP for the show!! DEC. 19 @ UNDERGROUND ARTS IN PHILLY CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!

Also, read more about the album here.

"WORDPLAY" WILL BE RELEASED 12/19/2014!! RELEASE PARTY SAME DAY!! – 11/12/14, 3:03 pm

For, I dunno, the past two years or so, I've been talking about the new album I've been working on. I had always envisioned it to be a full-length, full-"band" effort, with additional instruments on top of the Game Boy sounds you all know from my existing recorded material. "3P" featured a little bit of extra instrumentation, but it was still all basically done at home on a small scale. And you've probably seen me play some guitar live over the past few years, but you could never enjoy it at home, save a few shaky Youtube videos.

All that is going to change with my new album, "Wordplay." And I'm thrilled to announce that it will be available, in all of its guitar-drenched, drum-soaked, 11-track glory, on Dec. 19, 2014, complete with a CD Release Party show in Philly that very night!!

More than a year in the making, "Wordplay" (which will be available for the first time at the show and digitally the same day) is a sonic evolution for me. Guitars, drums, bass and more blend seamlessly with rich 8-bit sounds to create a genre-defying, truly unique musical experience. And now, you can have it at home!!

I gotta give supreme mad props to several people who made "Wordplay" possible: Dino Lionetti, for his tireless and obsessive recording, production, and editing skills; Josh Steingard, for his absolutely mind-blowing drumming; Chris Burke, for his masterful mastering; braverbeast, for her unreal album art; Rich Siegel, for his incredible support; and so many more others to be named later.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be releasing more information about the album — track listing, preview clips, full song(s?), more(?!). But first, mark your calendars for Friday, Dec. 19, and come to the "Wordplay" release show in the Black Box at Underground Arts in Philly. In addition to planning a full set with my stellar drummer, Josh Steingard, myself, I've come up with a bill that is, in some ways, a dream come true for me. First, an0va will be coming back up to Philly to kick off the night with a special Game Boy-only, dance-centric set! Next, Chronicles of Sound will take the stage with their special blend of live jamming, electronica and video-game-inspired musical mastery. After that, my really amazing and awesome old friends and former MJ Project bandmates The Blurry Nights will perform their own unique, danceable grunge-tronica tunes. Check out their Soundcloud to hear some of their great songs, including "Beekeeper," for which I provided original Game Boy parts.

So yeah, seriously killer lineup, huh?? I'm truly and honestly honored to be joined by all of these guys, some of my closest musical friends, who will be performing a variety of styles at the show. Great music, great musicians and a great special occasion — it's an event you won't want to miss! More album details soon...

New EP, "3P," released TODAY! EarthNight to be showcased by SONY at E3! – 06/04/14, 1:01 pm

FINALLY. THE DAY HAS COME. NEW ORIGINAL OFFICIAL CHIPOCRITE MUSIC!!!! Here it is! Hear it now! "3P," a new three-song EP showcasing some of my upcoming soundtrack work and more!

But the context of this exciting announcement is even MORE exciting within itself. You see, it all started a while back, when I began working with my good friends at Cleaversoft to compose a soundtrack for a game they were developing, known at the time as "Dragon Runner." The game had promise from the get-go, and we received exciting and super-positive feedback every time we showed off early builds at conventions and expos, but I don't think any of us were expecting it when Sony contacted us a few months ago and expressed interest in porting the game for PS4. Here we are today, with the game now known as "EarthNight," and we've just announced on this official Playstation blog that we'll not only be on that system and Vita sometime next year, we're going to be showcased at Sony's booth at this year's E3 NEXT WEEK!!! If you'll be there, please stop by and check out the game!!

So, to tie it back into my new music: There's a ways to go before the final game and soundtrack are released, but to celebrate this good news, I've put out a three-song EP ("3P") TODAY featuring some of my stuff from the game and also serving as a preview of "Wordplay," my upcoming full-length album (which I promise you is verrrrry much coming along and sounding great!!). Visit my Bandcamp to check it out!

As you probably know, this is the first official new original Chipocrite release in quite some time. It's also my first release to feature guitar, bass and other instrumentation beyond just Game Boys (only on "Truce," but it's a nice taste of what to expect in the future). I hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to these great awesome things as much as I am!! Thanks in advance for your support!!!

And hey, while you're at it, check out this awesome trailer for EarthNight:

(And yes, "Little Computer People" is on this EP, and yes, it will be both in the game AND on my next album in some form... ‪#‎conceptualcontinuity‬)

2014... more like two-thousand-MORE-teen (or something) – 01/12/14, 1:01 pm

I'm not even sure if the wordplay I was going for in that headline makes any sense to anyone except me. Oh well. This is my site, I'll do what I want. NO APOLOGIES!!!

(Sorry for yelling)

Anyway, I hope you all had magnificent holiday seasons, filled with good people (and good loot). You may have noticed that in between slowly reestablishing myself back in Philly permanently, I've been playing several shows (both solo and with Cheap Dinosaurs) and, yes, working on new music!! If you heard me announce it at MAGFest (which was legendary, as always), you already know that I have PROMISED new original music in 2014. Mark my words. I've already finished a relatively fully-formed, homemade demo version of my next release, more-than-tentatively-titled "Wordplay" (no joke!), complete with guitar and bass tracks, and I'm scheduling time to head into the REAL studio to make it all sound really niceeee. And also to add real drums! It's going to be a treat, I promise, and I'll get it all done ASAP, I also promise. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled.. Maybe I'll "leak" some of those demos every once in a while, I dunno! What I do know is... exciting times ahead!!

Also in the meantime, perhaps this brand new Cheap Dinosaurs album will hold you over!! I played bass on all of it, and we're super duper proud of it. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more show dates, album updates, and more. Thanks, as always, for all the support!

I hear it's FANTASY MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONTH!!!!!! – 11/06/13, 5:05 pm

Hey everyone — I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the people who might be visiting after hearing my silly lil' "Game Of Thrones" cover in an episode of the Continue? show this month. I can't help but notice that every November, I get a sweet lil' spike in visitors. Why, it must be because, as we all know, November is...

Fantasy moooooooooooonth!


Anyway, if you want to download the GoT cover FOR FREE, RIGHT NOW, visit the Media page; you can find it in the "Songs" section, along with a bunch of other fun things. And speaking of fun things, if you're into weird, pop-culturey stuff like Game Boy covers of TV themes, you might also enjoy my 8-Bit Lebowski tribute... Visit my Bandcamp page to purchase, or stream it right here:

So yeah. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting, enjoy your stay, let me know if you need anything, etc. See you at MAGfest perhaps yes?!

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