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Blip and Beyond! – 06/02/12, 6:06 pm

Well, that was incredible.


I just wanted to thank everyone who made it up to NYC for Blip Festival 2012 NYC last weekend. If you were there, you know how good it was. Thanks again to all the other artists, organizers and FANS who made it the epic success that it was. Here's to many more!

If you DIDN'T make it, not all is lost! Here's a playlist of my entire set, filmed by the undefeatable Emily Feder of the Chip Music Chronicle. Um, in fact, she actually filmed the whole damn festival, so check it out! Some amazing memories there.

Looking ahead, I have a pretty nice little June coming up -- PhilaMOCA tonight, the legendary AnimeNEXT next weekend, TooManyGames after that and who knows what will follow.

Thanks again, NYC and the worldwide chip community who came and rocked out for Blip. No better people on the planet, that's for sure.


UPDATE: Just found out, somewhat surprisingly, that I'm NOT speaking at Nerd Nite. Bummer. The good news is, shirts will be available for ordering TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 12) for SURE, right HERE! Get HYYYPPPED!!

Blip '12 NYC is ALMOST HERE! – 05/14/12, 11:11 pm

Can you feel the excitement?? I know I can! We're all working hard to make sure that Blip '12 NYC is as awesome as awesomeness can possibly be. The lineup has been announced, the schedule has been posted.. in less than two weeks, your life will change FOREVER. OK, that might be an overstatement, but if you aren't already stoked enough, perhaps this interview with me on the Blip Blog will help. I'm also happy to announce that Chipocrite shirts will be available at Blip!! And as soon as the show is over (assuming I didn't sell them all), they will be available for sale online. Serious this time!!

There are a few other excellent chances to see me perform and present over the next few weeks, including a great Wizard World afterparty at PhilaMOCA on June 2 and TooManyGames the weekend of June 15. As always, stay tuned for other awesome things, because the news updates are constantly coming in...

Epic news update!! – 04/06/12, 2:02 pm

What a crazy awesome week it has been. When it rains, it pours, I guess..

As you may have seen me post on Twitter or Facebook already, there's a GameStop ad running on national television this weekend featuring music by ME! Unfortunately, I don't have too many details about what channel(s) or times this might air, but I HAVE already seen it during this week's new "South Park" episode on Comedy Central, so if that's the target audience, you can sort of imagine where/when else you could be able to see it. The commercial has a spaghetti western theme and features the company's mascot, Buck the Bunny, in an old-fashioned, high-noon showdown with a disgruntled buffalo of some kind. YEEHAW! I hope you get a chance to see it on the air!

UPDATE: I don't think the commercial is on the air anymore (though it could potentially reappear someday) but you can learn more and watch it here!

Endless thanks to GameStop, ReelFX and chipmusic.org's TheFly for this incredible opportunity!


Remember a while back when I said I had tons of exciting news coming soon? Well, a big part of that was desperately trying to contain my excitement about this, which I CAN now announce...

If you haven't heard yet, I'm ridiculously happy to confirm that I'm playing this year's Blip Festival in New York City!! You should already know what that is, but if you don't, it's only the world's biggest and best and most awesomest chipmusic extravaganza. The first partial lineup announcement has been made, and man, there are no words to describe how excited and honored I feel to be a part of this. Incredibly, presale tickets sold out in just about two hours, but more tix will be onsale starting Friday, April 16, at 10am EST. If you're even remotely interested in chip music, DO NOT MISS THIS. Visit the official Blip NYC Website for other lineup developments, tickets and a great deal of other info as the festival gets closer!

And even though late May can't get here soon enough, at least I'm involved with a bunch of great events in Philly this month. Read all about them in the Events column to the right! If you're interested in purchasing tickets to the Philly Science Week opening night party — at which I will be interacting with attendees, teaching some Game Boy music tricks and performing a few songs — you can do so by clicking here.

Hope to see you at all of these shows! More news coming soon, including details on how to get Chipocrite t-shirts (sorry, it's just taking a little longer than expected to get the store online) and something ALMOST if not MORE epic than Blip, depending on your definition of "epic"...

MangaNEXT, First Friday and more – 02/21/12, 12:12 am

It's been a while since I've posted here, but that doesn't mean I haven't been supremely busy with a ton of incredible projects. More details about all of these things — and many other exciting things on the horizon — as they develop! For now, I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm performing and presenting this weekend at MangaNEXT — the schedule has been posted, and it looks like I'm doing a panel about how to make music with Game Boys at 9 pm Saturday, followed immediately by my concert set. I'll also be hosting the same panel the next afternoon, but the big news is that I'll be debuting the world's first CHIPOCRITE T-SHIRT at this show! Assuming there isn't a mad rush to purchase every single one of them, I'll likely have them on sale online ASAP after this weekend, so that's at least one thing worth checking back for soon!

Also, I'm appearing at a unique event next Friday presented by my good buddies at Geekadelphia and Drink Philly. It's a First Friday art/drink/food/music event in Old City, Philadelphia, so it's not going to be your typical Chipocrite dance party gig. I will be playing some of my classic hits — but when I'm not performing live music, I'll be DJing some of my favorite jazzy/groovy/funky/smoooooth NES soundtracks and other backgroundy chip-related masterpieces. Best of all, it's totally free if you're a Drink Philly newsletter subscriber and you RSVP. Click here to learn more and find all the info you need to make sure you can get in!

Hey, speaking of Geekadelphia, did you know I did the theme music for their brand-new monthly Podcast? True story. Give 'er a listen here, and check back in a few weeks because their latest episode just might feature a big, awesome interview with me... So that's something else worth checking back for :)

That's all for now. But trust me, there will be even more things worth checking back for, very soon!

More amazing recognition, and 2011 Recap -- HOLY MOLEY – 12/31/11, 11:11 am

Yesterday was an incredible day for me in terms of realizing that people really do take notice if you work hard and try your hardest to put out good music :)

First, I woke up to find that my New Order cover was mentioned on this Wired blog as a "must-hear" song from 2011!! This is super exciting for me, and I truly feel honored that people from all these respectable tech sites are taking notice. SWEET!!

Next, as the night was winding down, I discovered that "Hit and Run" had been selected by Square Enix Music Online as Best Album - Chiptune for 2011. Another incredibly amazing honor that seriously validates what I do and makes me feel incredibly lucky to have so much support.

So now I'm just going to reiterate what I posted on Facebook to recap 2011... sorry if you read it already. Sincerely, The Department of Redundancy Department.

It's hard to believe that just two years ago today, I was waking up the day after playing my first full set (at The Khyber in Philly.. anyone remember?) as Chipocrite. What started as a fun side project has quickly become something much more exciting, enjoyable and rewarding than I ever could have expected. The past 12 months have been especially mind-bogglingly amazing -- throughout 2011, I feel like I kept saying to myself, "I can't believe how FAST this year is passing." Looking back, I realize that that was because I consistently had something EXTREMELY AWESOME to look forward to, whether it was playing any of several exciting huge shows, being involved with a bunch of really amazing projects, or just seeing peoples' reactions to my music as it continued to spread. And the best part is that it's not over -- even in just the first few weeks of 2012, I already have a giant show (MAGfest, anyone?) to play, cool projects to share and new music to get out there. So thank you all, a million billion times, for all the support and love. Let's keep it going! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

MAGFest X. Yes. – 12/15/11, 11:11 pm

Arrgh, I don't have much time right now but I just wanted to confirm that YES, I will be a part of the super awesome chip music showcase at MAGFest X, the first week in January at the Gaylord Convention Center and Hotel near our great nation's capital! Check out their site for more info, and check back soon for more details from me. In the meantime, this:

Thanks! – 12/01/11, 7:07 pm

UPDATE: Check out the banner near the top of this page — looks like the final vote was close enough that they are featuring both me AND Ruby the Hatchet as Featured Artist of the Month!! WOOHOO!! Thank you all for every single vote and shared link. Every time I thought I couldn't do it, you guys came back for me and kept things going. HOORAY FOR PHILLY MUSIC AND PHILLY CHIP!! No word yet on whether I'll be awarded the other prizes — studio time, feature article and national exposure. I'll keep all of you posted!

Meanwhile.. Ignore the 0s and read down. (I took some liberties with the spellmg)

Please VOTE FOR ME in The Deli Philadelphia's Featured Artist poll!! – 11/23/11, 12:12 am

Just wanted to let you all know how excited and thrilled I am to announce that I've been nominated for The Deli Philadelphia's Featured Artist poll!! I would be infinitely in debt to all of you if you wouldn't mind taking two seconds to vote for me. Just visit http://philadelphia.thedelimagazine.com, find the poll on the right and select "Vote," and then select Chipocrite. Voting ends Dec. 1, so do it sooon! This would be a great thing not just for me but the whole Philly chip scene. THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG ETC ETC ETC.

Site updates, new free remix download and PORTLAND!!! – 11/18/11, 5:05 pm

Sharp-eyed chipo.com visitors may have noticed a few updates over the past several days. Perhaps most excitingly, there's an expanded Media page, which provides a one-stop shop for checking out music, video, photos and more. And hey, now there's a permanent link to my covers: "Bizarre Love Triangle," "Game of Thrones" and a brand-new remix I did for Eien Strife, a great band with whom I shared the bill at Anime World Chicago a few months ago. There's also a more comprehensive Shows page, which lists all my shows, past AND upcoming. And if you're interested in working with me on some kind of crrrrrazy awesome big project — like a soundtrack, for example — check out the Portfolio page to see some of my credentials and a bunch of stuff I've been involved with since starting this crazy project a few years ago. Not bad!

Also, last-minute reminder that I'll be in Portland (Oregon, not Maine, obviously) for Micropalooza this Sunday. Needless to say, I cannot freaking WAIT for this show. This will be the furthest West I've ever played in any musical project, and I'm honored that it will be as part of a bill featuring several incredible chip artists. Check out their site for more info. And yes, that's right, I'm playing BOTH of the event's two shows, so if you're in the area, you got no excuse to see me this weekend :)

(Of course, I'm mostly excited to see if Portland really is the way I always pictured it.)

Enjoy the updates!

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